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DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Hotel Central Pacific - Costa Rica
El Roble, Puntarenas, Costa Rica 
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Costa Rica Attractions Atractivos Turisticos de Costa Rica EN ESPANOL.
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-PuntarenasIf you want to have an amazing adventure, in a country full of nature and breath-taking beaches, click here to check availability and rates now!

Diverse and full of surprises, the varied landscapes of Costa Rica, makes this small country in the heart of Central America, a Mecca for adventure travelers.

Costa Rica offers over 116 volcanoes (actives and dormant), great beaches with coral reefs both in the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, and 26 national parks and protected zones which cover 25% of the country. Costa Rica is also a paradise for those who love nature and eco-tourism: Although the country only covers 0,03% of the surface of the globe, it shelters 6% of the existing biodiversity in the entire world!
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas

Costa Rica Adventure

Costa Rica offers a plethora of activities to enjoy apart from nature excursions and guided park tours. Hike, snorkel, kayak, trek, windsurf, bike, dive, fish, horseback ride, raft, or surf your way here to a fantastic vacation. If you like adrenaline, try bungee jumping, rappelling down waterfalls or zip-lining your way across the forests.
  • Surf
A surfer's paradise, Costa Rica has been a top surfing destination for some time now. The point breaks, beach breaks and perfect lefts and rights found here, all make Costa Rica a leading surfer hotspot in the world.

Some of the top surf destinations are at Jaco (which is at the same time a touristic city with a great nightlife), Playa Hermosa, Playa Grande, Pavones, Witches Rock and Salsa Brava.

Boca Barranca

Boca Barranca, just next to the hotel, is a long left pointbreak in front of a river mouth, when it's working the ride can last almost a kilometer! It is the second longest wave in Costa Rica
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas
  • Canopy Tour, Skywalk & Rappel
There are a number of walkways or skywalks throughout Costa Rica's forests that have bridges strung across a valley from where you can walk above the canopy of trees and get a panoramic aerial view of the forest below.

With more than a quarter of Costa Rica covered in rainforests, the most popular form of canopy touring is the kind where platforms are built into the strongest trees and a zip line is strung in between them. Tourists are then sent zipping across the forests from tree to tree on these lines via a safety harness. Canopy tour operators can be found all over the country, especially in Costa Rica's national parks.

In the hotel area, you can find:
Turubari Tropical Park
Adventure Park Vista Golfo
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas
  • Mangrove and Scarlet Macaws Tour
Learn about mangroves and Puntarenas history, Enjoy with us the natural wonders of the Mangrove, enormous crocodiles and many species of aquatic birds, The employees of El Manantial refuge are fighting to save the species of green and red macaws. We take you there where you can see slots, howler monkeys, spider monkeys, coati mundi, several species of birds, nature all around, including a beautiful garden. From 8 AM to 12 MD. Includes: Transportation, boat ride, tour guide, entrance fee and water.
  • Sunset Cruise
Experience one of the most incredible sunsets through the pacific coast. Imagine the romantic place, surrounded by the beautiful view. Includes: Boat tour (2hrs. Approx.), cocktail or fresh fruits. Leaves at 4p.m returns at 6p.m.
  • Outriggers canoe:

Playa Agujas (Jaco), you will discover a wonderful outing to beautiful beaches to swim in clear calm waters. Outrigger canoes have been exploring the warmer oceans of the world for centuries, once you put that paddle in the water, think of the ancient traditions, and knowledge and skill that went into the canoe and it will make your experience with us even more enjoyable. Includes: transpport.1hr. Aprox, English speaking guide, water and fruit buffet, snorkel gear  (snorkeling only when conditions permit).
  • White water Rafting: Savegre River, Quepos Manuel Antonio
Leaves Hotel lobby at 6a.m. and come back at 4 p.m. includes: transportation,breakfast, lunch, equipment and english speaking guide..(wear or bring sturdy sandals or water shoes, a bathing suit, sun block, bug spray,a towel, and if possible an extra change of clothes).
  • Paragliding Tandem Flight:

Located 3 Miles away from the Double Tree Hilton, from a viewpoint in Caldera take a look to the Nicoyan Gulf, their island, montains, the fresh weather. Soar as an eaglee. Includes: Transportation (Aprox. 20 Min.), Soft Drinks, tour guide.
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas
  • San Lucas Island:
Located off the Pacific shore of Costa Rica. Formerly from 1873 to 1991 serving as an island prison, it is now a National Park, considered "Patrimonio de Cultura," or cultural heritage sites. The buildings include a historic dock that is still in use after the first dock was destroyed, a church, a medical building, a three story main office.
 The prison cells contain the typical graffiti of older Latin American prisons. The island part of the national wildlife preserve includes a wide variety of wildlife, such as howler monkeys, spiders, snakes, deer, and pheasants, also at least 8 species of bats on the island. The waters surrounding the island are home to rays, and turtles.  Includes: Transportation (approx. 1Hr. boat ride) English speaking guide, Entrance fee and Lunch.
  • Sport Fishing
Costa Rica offers incredible fishing opportunities inland and off the coast. The sportfishing here is world-class and the sportfishing industry itself is firmly established. Since most of the companies follow a strict 'catch and release' policy, the variety of fish is truly amazing. Costa Ricans are aware of the importance of sustainable tourism and the proper conservation of key fish species.

There's a great variety of locations to do this: Inland lakes, miles of rivers, and two coastlines that open on to the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The Pacific Coast is famous for Blue and Black Marlins, Sailfish and Dorados. Here the season goes from December to August.

While Puntarenas offers great opportunities for sportfishing on the open sea, the most famous sportfishing spots in the Province are Quepos and Playa Herradura.

Close to Doubletree Resort by Hilton Puntarenas, you can find:

Costa Rica Yacht Club.
Puntarenas Port & Pier
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas
  • Snorkeling and Scuba Diving
The closest scuba diving & snorkeling paradise is Isla Tortuga, which you can access by a combination of ferry and boat. Spotting a group of playful dolphins, marveling at the enormous jumping manta rays or for the luckiest of visitors are just a few examples of the marine life frequently viewed as you make your way to the island.

No one lives on Tortuga Island. The white sand is immaculate, the palm trees bend in the wind like a postcard, and the shimmering blue water spreads forth into the Nicoya Gulf.
  • Puntarenas City Tour:
The largest province of Costa Rica, surrounded by the Pacific ocean. Come and discover a little bit of the history, visiting  the Pier,  where thousand of tourists arrive on Cruise Ship every year, La casa de la Cultura (local Museum), Paseo de los Turistas (the tourist way), Parque Marino (local Aquarium), free markets (souvenir store) and outdoor restaurants where you can try meals from the region and sea food. Includes: Transportation and tour guide.
  • Coffe Plantation:
Let us take to the fascinating coffe world.You will observe the development from the moment we plant a seed untill it is ready to start production, as well as the care it needs, and also you will taste coffe in its different roasts. Includes: Transportation (1.5 Hr) and entry fee. Also a shopping time in Sarchi Town (buy directly from the craftsman).
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas

Costa Rica's Beaches

With a coastline that stretches over 1800 km, Costa Rica's fantastic coast offers something for everyone (Golden sand beaches, gray sand beaches, black sand beaches, white sand beaches with corals and shells).

At the Doubletree Resort by Hilton Puntarenas you will enjoy dark sand beaches, with breathtaking views of the mountains, just across the Nicoya Gulf, a perfect spot for the most amazing sunsets.

Costa Rica beaches are usually very clean, unpolluted, and rarely crowded... That's paradise!

The most renowned beaches close to the hotel are:
Jaco & Playa Hermosa (Central Pacific Coast, South of Puntarenas)
Quepos & Manuel Antonio (Central Pacific Coast, South of Puntarenas)
Montezuma & Mal pais (Nicoya Peninsula)
Isla Tortuga (Gulf of Nicoya)
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-Puntarenas

Costa Rica's National Parks & Ecotourism

  • Volcanoes
Arenal Volcano & Hot Springs: The most active volcano in Costa Rica, the fiery Arenal is indeed a sight to behold. Visit La Fortuna, a tiny town near the base of the volcano to catch a glimpse of the fireworks on display every night (weather permitting). While here, don't forget to relax in the marvelous Hot Springs, a tropical paradise.

The Arenal area, is also the place to let go the adrenaline, taking the zip-lines at the top of the reserve, flying high above the treetops, with wonderful views of the Arenal Lake (the largest artificial lake in Central America), and the Volcano.

Poas Volcano: It's an active volcano with some of the most beautiful scenery in Costa Rica. Situated about 2,700 meters above sea level, the main crater of the Volcano is about 2 km in diameter and over 1000 meters deep. Inside the crater is a beautiful blue-green crater lake. The road to Poas Volcano National Park is also very beautiful, as you start ascending the mountain you will pass many coffee plantations and then it changes into an amazing cloud forest.
  • Rainforest
Costa Rica Attractions - Doubletree Resort by Hilton Costa Rica-PuntarenasMonteverde Cloud Forest Biological Preserve: It's a very important and popular ecotourism destination in Costa Rica. Unlike rainforests, cloud forests usually receive much less rain in comparison. However, because a cloud forest is situated at a higher altitude, it has more humidity and is therefore cloudier than a rainforest. This biological reserve sits at an elevation of between 1,200 m to 1,600 m, and is surrounded by a misty cover that supports a fantastic diversity of flora and fauna. Often creating a surreal environment, this reserve is considered to be among the most exceptional wildlife sanctuaries in the New World Tropics.

Encompassing eight distinct biological zones, the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is home to more than 2,000 species of plants and trees (including 300 species of orchids), 100 species of mammals, over 400 species of birds, and roughly 1,200 species of amphibians and reptiles. A great way to explore the forest is through the Treetop walkways and canopy tours, offered by several companies in the area.

Manuel Antonio: Despite Manuel Antonio's size (only 682 ha.), it is one of the country's most popular parks, because it epitomizes everything tourists flock to Costa Rica to see: gorgeous beaches, a magnificent setting with islands offshore, dense lush rainforests laced with a network of easy to walk trails, exotic animal and bird species and exquisite coral reefs.

There is good chance that you will see monkeys (howler, white faced, and possibly squirrel monkeys), sloths, iguanas, peccaries, armadillos, and coatimundis. Scarlet macaws do frequent the area however you may need a bit of luck to see them.

Carara: This National Park is home to several ecosystems such as marshlands, lagoons, and gallery forests.

With one of the highest diversity of trees in the world, this national park has 10 of the most uncommon and rare hardwoods in the country. However, since there is very little undergrowth the animals and birds are easier to spot. A great place to get a fantastic view is from the Rio Tarcoles Bridge where one can stop to watch the huge crocodiles. There are also a number of pre-Columbian archaeological sites dating back 2,000 years, found in the park.

Costa Rica Local Attractions Map